These days, there is no denying that society is more plugged in than ever before. With all the devices and social media available at our fingertips, most have made it a habit to be on their phones several times throughout the day. However, while it can be nice to feel connected to our friends and families, there are some drawbacks to being on a device all day long. That’s why our team at Unlimited RV is encouraging you to digitally detox by taking an unplugged family trip. Read on to learn how.

Take a Digital Detox Camping Trip

1. Leave Devices at Home

This may be a shocking suggestion, but if possible, consider leaving your devices at home while on your trip. We understand that you may want to bring one phone in case of emergency, but if possible, make that the only phone you bring. This also means avoiding packing video games or other tablet devices used to entertain your kids on the road. This will help get the whole family in the mindset of unplugging, and help your family to bond with each other the old-fashioned way. Bring books, board games, and puzzles to enjoy as a family.

2. Keep Each Other Accountable

If the one phone policy isn’t going to work for your family, set other boundaries to ensure you’re not spending all your time on your devices. Try setting designated phone-free hours during the day where you all put your phones away and spend time in nature instead. Also, try making it into a game to see who can go the longest without checking social media. The first one to check their phone after dinner has to do the dishes!

3. Consider Boondocking

Taking a break from technology can be very challenging, and some people might need a little extra help achieving it. If you doubt your ability to unplug, consider a boondocking trip. Boondocking is camping without electricity or other RV hookups. Therefore, you’ll be forced to limit your phone use because your battery will only last for so long.

If you’re ready to start your digital detox, rent an RV from Unlimited RV and get on your way! Our team in Hartford, CT would love to help you find the right travel trailer or motorhome rental and offer trip ideas for your family. Contact us today at (203) 527-7026.