Planning a trip in the age of Google is relatively simple. Travel companies have made it easy to find flights, hotels, rental cars, and anything else you might need. However, when you make all of those plans, you put yourself at the mercy of the travel companies you use. That’s why our team at Unlimited RV believes that RV vacations are the best ones. Read on to see if we can convince you too!

3 Reasons RV Travel Is Better

No Lines, Delays, or Lost Baggage

One of the most obvious drawbacks of flying is all of the hassles at the airport. You spend hours checking in, getting through security, and making it to your gate; and then you have to wait even longer to board. Plus, after all that waiting, you still run the risk of a delayed flight. When you travel by RV, you choose when to leave and when to stop, and you never have to worry about lost baggage because you keep everything with you.

Rest Stops > Layovers

Have you ever gotten excited about a layover in a city you’ve never visited before? You might think you’ll have the opportunity to explore while you wait on your next flight. However, it’s pretty rare that you actually have time for exploring during a layover. More likely, you’ll never leave the airport. On the other hand, traveling by RV allows you to plan rest stops in places you’d like to see. Instead of being cooped up in an airport, you can pull off the road and take a short hike with your family. RVing allows you to see more and do more because the trip is just as fun as the destination.

There Is Room for Everyone

We all know how expensive it is to fly. Buying plane tickets for everyone in your family adds up quickly. However, when you travel by RV, you can bring as many people as can fit comfortably, and you can even bring your pets! RVing allows everyone to stick together.

To travel freely and fully appreciate the country around you, try renting an RV from Unlimited RV of Prospect, CT. Giving you and your family lasting memories with the perfect RV rental is what we do best. Contact our office at (203) 527-7026, request your quote, or reserve online today.