Summer is here and wedding season is in full swing, so newlyweds across the country are looking for unique honeymoon ideas. At Unlimited RV, we have just the trip for you – an RV road trip is the perfect start to married life! Not only will your trip be completely customizable, but you’ll also get to experience the romance of being spontaneous together. Read on to learn why this is the honeymoon for you.

Take an RV Honeymoon!

1. You’ll Welcome the Close Quarters

While a family of five may not relish the idea of spending a week in an RV, it’s the perfect situation for a honeymooning couple. Our RV rentals have all the comforts of home that you’re used to, just scaled down and extra cozy. You won’t feel like you’re roughing it when you’ve got every creature comfort available, and there is just something romantic about being in a small space together. Plus, your home will feel even larger and more luxurious when you return!

2. You Can Choose Multiple Destinations

Most honeymoons consist of one destination; often a beach that’s overrun by tourists. However, when you plan a road trip in an RV, you can visit as many places as you want! Choose a destination in California and stop at the Grand Canyon along the way! The options are limitless and completely customizable. It will be a fun bonding experience to put together a trip that is uniquely yours.

3. It’s Different!

Most couples plan their weddings to be uniquely theirs. They don’t want their wedding to look exactly like someone else’s. So why stop at the wedding? We think that your honeymoon should be as unique as your wedding! RVing is a unique adventure filled with excitement and plenty of bonding!

Are you ready to plan your RV honeymoon? Get started today by renting an RV from your friends at Unlimited RV, and check out our trip ideas page for inspiration. We’re located in the heart of Connecticut and we can’t wait to help you make your honeymoon dreams a reality. Contact us today at (203) 527-7026.