There’s a reason people often use the phrase, “Hindsight is 20/20.” Experience is truly the best way to learn, and many times, people find themselves with long lists of things they wish they’d known. When it comes to renting an RV, there is a bit of a learning curve and it’s not uncommon for renters to struggle the first time and then learn from their mistakes. However, at Unlimited RV, we want you to go into renting with your eyes wide open. So we’ve made a list of things first-time renters wished they had known, so you can learn from their experiences and have a great first time!

What First-Time Renters Wish They Knew

1. The right rental company makes all the difference.

Nothing will spoil your first time renting an RV like a sub-par rental company. First of all, you want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality rental so your chances of having mechanical problems will be quite small. However, things do happen, so if a mechanical or functional breakdown happens, you need a reputable company that will help you out! At Unlimited RV, we include 24/7 roadside assistance with each and every one of our rentals, so you are protected no matter what happens.

2. It’s important to look for hidden fees.

The next thing many first-time renters wish they’d known about is hidden fees. Many times, renters won’t read all the paperwork or fine-print, and they find themselves paying more than they expected when they return their RV rental. Most rental places offer a limited number of miles, with an added charge for additional miles. So if you’re planning a long trip, make sure you know about the mile limit or ask about an unlimited miles package. Additional fees may also include fueling, cleaning, and pet fees. Read all the paperwork before you sign and ask all your questions so you are fully aware of what you are – or will be! – paying for.

3. Be sure to find out what is included.

Finally, it’s important to not assume that certain things are included in your rental. You wouldn’t want to get out on the road and find that you don’t have all the necessities for your trip. In order to properly pack, find out what your rental company provides and what they don’t. At Unlimited RV, we handle all the prep and orientation for you, plus we provide bedding the main beds, kitchen amenities, outside porch mat, camp chairs, and even a table!

At Unlimited RV of Connecticut, we want your rental experience to be great whether it’s your first or 100th time renting. Along with renting clean and well-maintained RVs, we also offer RVs for sale and complete RV service and repairs. Make your road trip adventure a reality by contacting us at (203) 527-7026, or reserve a unit online today.