Camping season is in full swing here in Connecticut, and families across the state are taking advantage of everything this beautiful country has to offer. However, for many, the downside of traveling is weight gain. It may seem like coming home with a few extra pounds after a vacation is unavoidable, but take heart, there are steps you can take to maintain your weight while enjoying the RV lifestyle. Let your friends at Unlimited RV help with these three tips.

Eating Healthy on the Road

1. Use Your Kitchen

A user-friendly kitchen is always a great selling point for a family looking to buy or rent an RV, yet so many end up eating out while on the road. Even if you aren’t eating unhealthy fast food, chances are you’re still consuming more calories than necessary when you eat in a restaurant. Try planning your meals ahead of time, and then stock the kitchen with healthy meals you know how to make. This way, you’ll be able to control your portion size and avoid those restaurant meals that are generally higher in fat and calories.

2. Limit Snack Intake

We all fall into the snack trap on vacation. Whether you’re driving late at night and you grab a snack to stay awake, or you just start nibbling out of boredom during a long stretch between rest stops, snacks always seem to creep in. Try avoiding mindless snacking by asking a family member to chat with you while you drive. If you’re not the driver, play car games with family to chase the boredom away. If you are genuinely hungry, reach for something healthy like a banana or trail mix.

3. Find Ways to Exercise

Campgrounds are filled with ways to stay active. Don’t just sit around the campfire all day; join the kids in the pool, take long walks or bike rides, or simply stretch every day. You’ll notice you’ll be less likely to crave junk food when you’re staying active. Check out our blog on staying fit on the road for more exercise ideas.

At Unlimited RV, we want you to enjoy RV season without bringing unwanted pounds home with you. When you’re ready to book a motorhome or travel trailer for your next trip, contact Unlimited RV today at (203) 527-7026 or check out our inventory of RVs for sale.