If you own an RV, you probably use it mostly in the warmer months of the year. Camping seasons tend to be spring, summer, and fall with just a few Americans taking their RVs out on the road in the winter. However, there are several unique ways your RV could come in handy over the holidays that you may not have thought of. At Unlimited RV, the reasons to own an RV are unlimited! So here are just a few of our favorite ways to use an RV during the holidays.

Uncommon uses for an RV over the holidays

1. Bonus Kitchen

If you plan to host family over the holidays, you’ll likely have a lot of work to do in the kitchen. So much, in fact, that you may find yourself out of room to work! Having an extra prep kitchen parked in your driveway could be just the thing to make your holiday meals run smoothly. The extra counter space as well as the bonus oven will surely come in handy as you prepare a big meal. Alternatively, you could make your RV’s kitchen the “dessert kitchen” and designate the space for preparing a variety of desserts!

2. Guest House

Another great use for your RV over the holidays is to use it as your guest house. Family and friends coming in from out of town could have access to their own space while still being on your property for all the holiday fun. Large families will be able to stay comfortably without taking up space in your main house and giving them as much privacy as they want.

3. Santa’s Workshop

Finally, consider using your RV as a hiding place for all of Santa’s secret work that you don’t want your young kids to see. You can keep all of their presents locked up and hidden until the big day and not worry that they’re going to stumble upon the gifts hidden in your closet. RVs come with so much storage space throughout the interior and underneath. Most RVs even come with under-the-bed storage, wardrobe space, and overhead cabinets. These all make for really good places for hiding presents!

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