Did you recently purchase an RV, or maybe you’ve owned one for a while and are looking for the next upgrade? Either way, adding a solar power system to your RV is a great way to unlock your full RV lifestyle potential. Solar power is safe, cost-effective, and better for the environment. Plus, you’ll have much more freedom in your travel options. Here, the team at Unlimited RV will break down the benefits of utilizing solar power with your RV.

Add a Solar Power System to Your RV

Travel Anywhere

Most RV parks have some sort of power hookup. But what if you want to travel to some place a bit more remote? The sun is everywhere. You can travel to much more secluded areas while still enjoying some of the luxuries a power hookup may offer. Even with a generator, you’d have to leave for more fuel eventually. With RV solar panels, you can travel further and stay out longer.

Save Money

After the upfront cost, which has dropped dramatically in recent years, solar panels cost you nothing. There’s no money to be spent on fuel. Plus, solar panels are extremely low maintenance. There are no moving parts so repairs are highly unlikely. A good solar system can last you up to 10 years or even longer.

Help the Environment

If you’re about that RV and camping life, you probably care a bit about the environment. With solar power, there are no fuel emissions like there are with a traditional generator. Not that generators are terrible for the environment, but every little bit helps.

Make Less Noise

The biggest downside to generators, other than spending money on fuel, is that they create noise. Generally, if you’re taking a trip in your RV, it’s likely to get away from all the hustle and bustle and noise. Solar panels create no additional noise and are completely silent.

Meet Regulations

For the most part, generators are approved to use in most U.S. parks as long as they fall under a certain decibel level. Sometimes, however, they can be banned during certain times of the year. With solar panels on your RV, you never have to worry about those regulations. You can rest easy knowing that your power solution is quiet and safe.

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