If you’re like most RV owners, your motorhome or travel trailer is your pride and joy. It represents the freedom to pick up and leave on an adventure at a moment’s notice. It is your home away from home. So the last thing you’d want is an issue that takes you off the road for an extended amount of time. At Unlimited RV, we provide top-notch RV repair and maintenance services on all types of motorhomes and travel trailers to keep you on the road! Today we’re discussing the top three RV problems you’re most likely to encounter and what you should do about them.

Common RV Problems and How to Solve Them

1. Leaky Roof

Water leaks are pretty much inevitable when RVing. Even the toughest, most high-tech, and well-made RV will eventually cave to the pressures of the elements. And unfortunately, water damage can cause serious damage to your motorhome. It will not only stain your interior, but can also damage delicate moving parts, rust out metal fixtures, and even cause dangerous short-circuiting in your RV’s internal electrical system. To combat the threat of water damage, it’s important to practice preventative maintenance. Always store your RV under a waterproof cover (inside, if possible), apply a new coat of RV roof sealant once a year, and keep an eye out for signs of water damage. By catching the signs early and addressing them, you’ll avoid further damage to your rig.

2. Electrical Issues

Just like your actual home, your RV is likely to run into electrical problems from time to time. Things like the switches or push buttons in your circuit breaker panel not working, or outlets malfunctioning, or wires coming loose, are all potential problems that may pop up. If you’re at all uncomfortable handling electrical issues, it’s a good idea to hire professional help. With electrical DIYs, you run the risk of causing yourself serious injury or even death.

3. Slide Out Problems

Finally, we all the love the extra space provided by a good slide out, but there are some drawbacks. All those moving parts are vulnerable to rust, corrosion, and old age. However, like all things, performing regular preventative maintenance can help you keep your slide outs in proper working order for years. Lubricating your RV slide out arms will do wonders to extend their lifespan as well as protecting them against leaks. So keep that WD-40 and sealant handy!

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