Spring will soon be sprung and RV season will be in full swing. If you properly winterize and store your RV in the off-season, it’s time to de-winterize your RV for spring. Everyone knows to check the tires, battery, engine, and fluids. But, there are many systems in your RV that may go overlooked. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Unlimited RV.

Dewinterize Your RV for Spring

Test the Electrical System

Examine the interior and exterior electrical systems of your RV. Check to see if all of your lights, speakers, awnings, and appliances operate both inside and outside. Check the functionality of any RV hydraulic or auto-leveling jacks you may have. Test the turn signals, running lights, and any other outside lighting for the road on your RV as well. Check the bulb or schedule repairs if they aren’t functioning correctly to find the issue before RV season starts and to avoid a possible ticket. Extend your RV slides, look for evidence of water damage on the interior and exterior, and check the quality of your slide seals. Slide seals on your RV need to be replaced if you can see light through them.

Test the Propane System

Checking your RV’s propane system comes next. Before starting your gas appliances, give the hoses and seals a thorough inspection for any damage or cracks. You can turn on your system and inspect each propane appliance If your system appears to be in good condition and your tanks are full. Make sure your tanks are filled with fresh, drinkable water and cleaned of any antifreeze before inspecting your RV propane hot water heater. Hot water heaters shouldn’t contain antifreeze, according to manufacturers. It is difficult to rinse antifreeze out of your hot water heater, and it can damage the anode.

Inspect the Generator

Look for any debris or corrosion on the generator’s exhaust. Check the oil level and fuel supply if the generator appears to be in good condition. Your generator should start easily if you ran it sometimes over the winter. If you don’t operate your RV generator frequently while it’s in storage, the oil could sludge and you could run the risk of the components seizing. After giving it some time to warm up, run it for around 30 minutes at 50% load.

If you need some help with the de-winterizing process, you should schedule a professional RV service appointment. Unlimited RV happily serves Hartford, Danbury, New Haven, Massachusetts, New York, and the entire New England region. We also provide new and used RVs for sale. You can contact us today at (203) 527-7026 to schedule an appointment.