If you are ready to stop renting and buy your own RV, choosing a used model is a great way to save some money. At Unlimited RV, we have an excellent selection of used RVs in great condition that could be a perfect fit for your camping lifestyle. However, it’s not uncommon to fall in love with the space and features of an RV but want to change everything about the interior design. That’s why our team has put together a list of projects you could easily do to update your RV so that it reflects your personal style.

Projects to Personalize Your RV

Replace the Furniture

Most RVs come with factory-standard, boring furniture that probably doesn’t reflect your personal style. However, just because this furniture is bolted into your rig doesn’t mean you can’t replace them. You can easily replace a bench seat with a lightweight sofa, or swap a foam mattress with a plush pillow-top model to make your camping more comfortable. RV renovation is actually a very hot trend right now, and there are countless examples of customizing all over social media to give you ideas.


Many older model RVs are decorated with dark walls and cabinets. Deep browns, blues, and maroons were all the rage when these RVs were made. Luckily, this is a simple thing to remedy with just a can of paint and a good attitude. To make your interior feel bigger and brighter, paint the cabinets and walls white. White is a great choice to reflect the natural light and make everything look clean and new. However, if you’re craving color, there are plenty of lighter options that will freshen up the space.

Replace the Curtains

Curtains are another feature that are often quite outdated in used RVs. However, because of their essential function, we do not typically recommend removing them altogether. Curtains provide privacy and help regulate the temperature in an RV, so go ahead and get rid of the old, ugly ones and replace them with something more your style. Colorful fabrics can dress up a simple interior, while white curtains will maintain an open feeling, and black-out curtains are always a good option for those who like to sleep in late.

You don’t have to complete a full-scale renovation to make your used RV feel more personalized. To check out our current new or used inventory, or to schedule a service appointment, contact Unlimited RV of Connecticut today at (203) 527-7026. We serve Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas, and we’d be glad to show you our available models and help you start your search for the right one.