Have you recently purchased an RV for the first time? If so, welcome to a wonderful new world of travel! Motorhomes and travel trailers take vacations to a whole new level of exploration and togetherness. RV ownership can also be a little overwhelming at first. Here are some great tips and tricks for first-time RV owners from the team at Unlimited RV.

First-Time RV Owner Tips and Tricks

Get Used to Driving the RV

If you’re a first-time RV owner, whether you’re pulling a trailer or operating a Class A motorhome, practice your driving before you hit the road and into traffic. Find a parking lot or open area where you can practice driving your new setup. Also, be sure that anybody who might be driving on the journey has the chance to do so. Your trips will be more peaceful if you feel comfortable and confident operating your RV.

Take Wider Turns

Remembering to modify your driving, specifically turning, to accommodate the trailer behind you can be challenging, to say the least. This is also true for larger RVs. A wider turn will prevent you from cutting corners too sharp and jumping curbs, or worse, hitting an object. Knowledgeable RV owners would advise you to start out by making your turns broader than may even be necessary. In this manner, you can become accustomed to how much or how little the tail of your trailer swings (or how your large RV navigates) throughout each turn. This will enable you to maneuver any route with ease.

Reach Campsite Before Sundown

This is an especially great tip for new RV owners. When organizing your first trip, make sure to allow enough time to get to your location before it gets dark. It can be difficult enough to set up your campground for the first time when traveling in an RV. Allow yourself some wiggle room by getting there with enough time to set up your RV and prepare for camping before the sun sets.

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