You’ve been looking forward to a great fall camping trip with the family. Chilly evenings around the fire; beautiful, crisp fall days playing outside; and sleeping comfortably under cozy blankets. But wait a minute, it’s September and it’s still super hot in Connecticut! If you’re like us, you’re ready to be done with running the air conditioner for the season. So, our team at Unlimited RV has put together a guide to keep you cool and comfortable through these hot autumn days.

Stay Cool without the AC

Pay Attention to How You Park

Where and in which direction you park the RV plays a dramatic role in the sun’s impact on the RV’s internal temperature. Setting up beside a nice, shady tree is one way to reduce the sun’s impact. Another is to position the RV so the midday sun is shining on the side of the RV that has less window area. On most RVs, this is the side with the entrance door. Usually this side also has a large awning that can be deployed to give further shade to the RV. Be sure to keep these things in mind when booking a site.

Cover Your Windows

Even with double paned, tinted windows, the internal temperature starts to rise quickly when the sun shies directly on them. You can combat this by simply lowering your nightshades during the day. Other solutions are to install external window shades or apply a stick-on reflective window film.


The goal here is to bring in fresh, cool air and pump out the warm air. Close off any windows that are on the warm, sunny side and open the windows that are on the shady side, then open the roof vents to let the warm air out. Warm air rises so you should get natural convection which will draw in the cooler air and push out the warmer air. To aid in this convection effect, you could install some fans throughout the RV.

Begin your journey with confidence this season, knowing you have all you need to stay cool and comfortable under the hot autumn sun. Start creating memories that will last a lifetime with an RV rental from Unlimited RV. Along with renting clean and well-maintained RVs, we also offer RVs for sale and complete RV service and repairs. Make your fall road trip adventure a reality by contacting us today at (203) 527-7026, or reserve a unit online.