If you are a parent of young children, taking an RV trip might seem a little bit intimidating. In fact, it might not sound like a vacation at all. However, our team at Unlimited RV thinks that with the right preparation, it is totally worth it to get a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery with your kids. We’ve put together a list of expert tips so that you can feel confident taking your kids on an RV trip.

How To Plan an RV Trip with Young Kids

Choose the Right RV

If you’re planning on renting an RV for this excursion, choosing the right one is going to be the best way to have a successful trip. If you’ve camped before alone or with your partner, you probably had no trouble living short term in a small space. However, kids take up more space than you’d think, and if you have a baby in your group, you’ll need even more space for their gear. For a smooth trip, make sure everyone will have a bed, and find an RV with enough space for a portable crib if needed. Our fully-loaded motorhome rentals should do the trick, but do some research ahead of time to make sure you’ll have everything you need.

Choose the Right Campground

Next, remember that not all RV campgrounds are created equal. Find one that will accommodate your family’s needs. Depending on the ages of your kids, you may need to find a campground that has more amenities than you’re used to. While we love the chance to hike and spend time in nature, your kids may appreciate the opportunity to do more resort-style activities such as swimming in a pool or playing on a playground. Being close to on-site bathrooms and laundry facilities is also a helpful component to consider.

Plan for Rainy Days

Finally, remember to plan for days where the weather doesn’t cooperate. While you may have been okay hiking in the rain during previous RV adventures, your kids might not be up for that. Instead of forcing them to spend time in rough weather conditions, bring along a variety of board games, art supplies, and other toys to entertain them inside the RV.

With these tips from Unlimited RV, you’ll be able to create memories with your young kids that will last a lifetime. Located in the heart of Connecticut, we have been serving the entire New England region since 2015. Contact us at (203) 527-7026 for current availability, request your quote, or reserve online today.