Whether you’re new to the RV scene or you’re just looking to improve upon your last RV trip, learning how best to plan is an important step toward a successful trip. A lot of details go into planning an RV trip and, honestly, we think the planning is half the fun! When you travel in an RV, you can visit anything and everything from national parks to rugged coastlines – and even metropolitan cities! So take these tips from your friends at Unlimited RV and start dreaming about your next adventure.

How to Plan an RV Trip

Choose Your Getaway

First and foremost, you need to decide what type of trip you’ll be taking. Will it be a week-long road trip or just a weekend getaway? Will you be visiting a national park to hike and fish, or do you plan to visit the coast and check out the surf? Furthermore, do you and your family enjoy a quiet, secluded atmosphere, or would you rather take advantage of resort-like amenities at a fully equipped campground? Answering these types of questions before you start planning will help you determine what type of campsite you need to look for.

Choose Your Campsite

Once you’ve settled on your getaway type, you can start researching campgrounds that fit into your ideal vacation. You’ll also need to know the size of your RV and the combined length of your truck and trailer, if you’re renting a travel trailer. You’ll find that sometimes a campground cannot accommodate your rig, or your truck and trailer may be too big to fit down the access roads. As you research, make sure you read the description very carefully and check out a campground map if possible to make sure your RV can be accommodated once you get there.

Choose Your Activities

Finally, before you set out, check out the surrounding area to learn what type of activities you can take part in. The great thing about camping is that you can take time to not only relax at the campground and enjoy nature, but also to explore! Chances are, you’ll be in a new state or area so take the time to hike a new trail, fish a new river, or simply stroll into a new town and try a local place to eat.

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