If you’ve never taken a trip in an RV, the idea can be a little daunting. What if something goes wrong? What if the kids hate the close quarters? Or maybe you just think you don’t know enough about RVing to have a successful trip. At Unlimited RV, we understand why you might be nervous to rent an RV, but we also wholeheartedly believe that it will be more than worth it in the end! Read on to learn if an RV trip is right for you.

Is an RV Trip Right for You?

Do you want your trip to be more than just a destination?

Think about the last time you flew somewhere in a plane. You probably peered out the window and saw mountains and forests, but you couldn’t actually make out any of the details and the sights were gone before you could appreciate them. When you travel in an RV, you are on the ground, experiencing all that our beautiful country has to offer. You can stop anytime you like, allowing you to see, smell, and taste the places you travel through. Your trip isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the whole experience, from beginning to end.

Do you like unlimited activities?

When you travel in an RV, there is almost no limit to the amount and type of activities you can plan. Instead of limiting your luggage to two suitcases, bring your bikes, skis, kayaks, canoes, fishing gear, and all the clothes you could possibly need for you trip, with no problem. Plus, depending on where you choose to park your RV, you could plan to hike and boat every day, or stay at a resort with beautiful pools, lounge areas, and social activities. Bottom line, an RV vacation has the most options.

Do you want to see the stars?

Finally, do you want to experience nature in a new and exciting way? When you travel in an RV and park far outside the city, you can look up and see stars that are too numerous to count. You can teach your children about the constellations and experience this magical light show every night! There is just something special about getting away from the city lights and experiencing a clear night sky.

So, does and RV trip sound right for you? Get started on planning it today with an RV rental from Unlimited RV in Prospect, CT. To make a reservation, contact us at (203) 527-7026 or check out our website for great trip ideas!