If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past several years, you may have noticed a new trend among families called “roadschooling.” Roadschooling takes homeschooling to the next level by finding school anywhere their RVs can take them. If you’re intrigued by this idea, read on to learn more about roadschooling, then head on down to Unlimited RV and check out our new and used RVs for sale. The road is calling!


Roadschooling 101

Typically, when a family decides to forgo a traditional school setting and teach a homeschool curriculum to their children, they do so from the comfort of their own home. However, when a family decides to roadschool, they pack up all their belongings, sometimes sell their home, and take homeschooling on the road. Children can increase their education and engage in discovery by exploring the sites they come across on the road. Instead of just learning about a historical landmark, they can see it and touch it in real life!

Roadschooling Benefits

As mentioned above, the benefits of roadschooling are largely based on the experiences your children will be able to have. Roadschooling creates opportunities for hands-on learning which is very appealing to homeschool families in general. Families who homeschool from an RV are able to engage in unscheduled and impromptu learning, the ability to integrate destinations with subjects and themes they are learning about, and can help children make connections between their school work and the world around them.

How Do Families Afford to Roadschool?

Does roadschooling sound like an unattainable dream to you? It’s true that not everyone is in the position to sell many, if not all, of their belongings and hit the road with their family for an undetermined amount of time. However, if you are serious about this lifestyle, it can be achieved with just a few sacrifices and flexibility. Some families choose to sell their home and most of their possessions to put towards purchasing an RV while others may rent their home while they’re away. It is also helpful if at least one parent can find a job that can be done 100% remotely so they are able to earn a steady income while on the road. Finally, many families take to social media to share their tips and experiences and earn additional income that way.

Whether you plan to hit the road full time or just want to spend one semester roadschooling with your family, your first stop should be Unlimited RV in Prospect, CT. We have the right RV to fit your family’s unique needs. Check out our inventory online or contact us at (203) 527-7026.