Staying in shape is important for more reasons than just your waistline; it can improve your health, quality of life, and even your mood. But when you’re wandering the world in an RV, it can be difficult to fit in a workout. However, our team at Unlimited RV wants you to know that working out in an RV is totally possible, from finding great videos, to investing in a gym membership that’ll follow you along your travels, and even building your own mini home gym. Here’s how to get your workout in while you’re on the road.

Exercising in a small space

Exercising in a Small Space

There are lots of ways to exercise in a small space that’ll definitely leave you feeling the burn. Pack a set of resistance bands to try out classic moves like clamshells, front squats, and lateral band walks — none of them require more than a few feet of space.  As an added bonus, the bands are super compact, which means they’re easy to store even in the smallest of campers! Another great investment in your RV gym is a stability ball, which can be used for all sorts of ab work. And, when it’s not in use, you can easily deflate it to store it away.

Satellite Gym Branches

Did you know you can also look into finding a gym membership with a franchised gym that has multiple locations, and allows for access to their satellite branches? Not every gym offers this, and some have significant restrictions on how often you can use the perk. But it’s definitely worth researching so you could potentially have access to a gym wherever your RV takes you.

Workout Videos

Another great option is exercise videos designed for at-home workouts, which make it easy to get moving no matter what kind of exercise you prefer. You can find aerobic exercise videos to get your heart pumping, or relax with yoga exercise videos. There are plenty of great workout DVDs out there, and you can even find workouts available for free on sites like YouTube.

No matter how you do it, make sure to keep moving while on the road, whether you travel full-time in your RV or just do quick weekend trips. You’ll thank yourself when you’re strong and healthy enough to keep on adventuring for years to come. If you’re ready to book a motorhome or travel trailer for your next trip, contact Unlimited RV today at (203) 527-7026 or check out our inventory of RVs for sale. We are proud to offer first-class service and exemplary customer care to the entire Hartford, CT, area.