Spring and summer are traditionally busy seasons for campgrounds and state parks to fill up with families in their RVs. However, with the world currently on pause, many of the regular options currently are closed and you may be wondering if you’ll be able to camp at all this year. Our team at Unlimited RV knows exactly how you feel, and we’re here to help you scratch that itch. Now is the perfect time to try out boondocking and get out into nature, while still observing proper social distancing. Check out our tips for beginners, and get out there!


Find a Safe and Legal Location

You may think that because you’re not going to be using a campground that any old open space will do. However, it’s important to find federal or public land where it is legal to boondock. National Forest lands are a popular choice, but there are also several websites for finding boondocking spots – so do your research ahead of time.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Spring is a great time to try out boondocking because the weather tends to be milder. However, if you are going to be dealing with more extreme temperatures, position your RV strategically. If the weather is chilly, position your RV to get full sun exposure. Likewise, if the weather is hot, you’ll want to make sure your RV is parked to avoid direct sun exposure and thus keep it cooler inside.

Stay Safe

Boondocking is just as safe as camping in a traditional campground, but it is smart to take some basic precautions. Always make sure someone knows your location or GPS coordinates before you head out into the middle of nowhere. You’ll also want to follow basic wildlife safety guidelines. And as always, don’t leave any food or garbage outside your RV at any time.

Don’t let social distancing stop you from making more camping memories with your family this year. When you’re ready to take on your first boondocking adventure, contact our team at Unlimited RV of Prospect, CT at (203) 527-7026. We will help you find the travel trailer or motorhome rental that is right for you.