Camping has changed over the years. While some still like to “dry-camp” or “boondock” in deserted places, most RVers prefer to head to a campground with hookups and amenities to enjoy. No matter which type of RVer you are, there are always ways to enhance your experience. Today on the blog, the expert team at Unlimited RV is discussing three high-tech gadgets you might want to look into before heading out on your next RV trip.

High-Tech Gadgets to Enhance Your RV Trip

1. A Smart Instant Pot or Crockpot

One of the best things about traveling by motorhome is the ability to do your own cooking. There is just nothing better than a warm, home-cooked meal after a long day on the trails. So why not simplify matters by using a smart instant pot or crockpot? You can prepare your entire meal in the morning, turn your crockpot on remotely from your phone, and come back to the RV to the welcoming smells of your dinner. Plus, as an added bonus, your instant pot or crockpot will use less energy than your large appliances, which will make it easier on the budget in the long run.

2. A Signal Booster

While we do love the idea of “unplugging” while on an RV trip, it’s a good idea to still have your phone available for emergencies. However, in some remote areas, you might not have enough coverage to use your phone at all. By packing a signal booster, you can safely contact people to notify them of your whereabouts and keep them posted throughout your trip.

3. Portable Insect Repellant

Finally, even the most comfortable and romantic evenings under the stars can be quickly ruined by unwanted pests, so it’s always best to keep them at bay. A portable insect repellent prevents the need for chemical repellants that irritate the skin and provides a wide area free of mosquitos. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in peace. Just make sure you pack enough cartridges to last the entire trip.

Next time you head out in an RV rental, take your trip to the next level with these high-tech gadgets. Start planning your next adventure today by contacting Unlimited RV of Hartford, CT at (203) 527-7026.